alter-g-g-bucksHave you ever had an opportunity to experience weightlessness while you exercise?

Well now you can with the newest technology in anti-gravity exercise at our Murrysville office. The Alter-G treadmill allows us to reduce load on painful joints and tight backs, and when weight-bearing is restricted by your doctor after surgery.

The pressurized chamber actually lifts you up to unload the joints. You have to experience it to understand it. Click on the link below to see our web page that explains it in more detail. You can take a “test drive” by downloading and printing the G-Bucks card.

Call today for more information. 724-327-7099.


We are pleased to welcome Michael Tardio, DPT to the practice. Michael is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy. He graduated from Pitt’s Sports Medicine program in 2010, and he is a licensed athletic trainer. Michael has strong orthopedic skills and he will be providing athletic training services to our local high schools. He will begin seeing new patients in Monroeville on June 1st. Welcome Michael!


SNAP is the Special Needs Athletic Program at Franklin Regional.  The students participate in Swimming, Bowling, and Special Olympics.  Susan Duman and Judy Polczynski are the coaches. One recent event was a swim meet with each SNAP swimmer having a buddy swimmer and everyone competed in relay events. Each participant was given a medal, cap and t-shirt.  Congratulations coaches on a job well done!



Cross-Fit is fast becoming a popular training / conditioning method primarily because workouts can be done in a much shorter time than traditional workouts. The key is higher intensity than typical workouts either with weights, reps or a combination. Read more from our very own Ryan Kesterholt who is a certified personal trainer and licensed athletic trainer.

My name is Ryan Kesterholt and I am the athletic trainer at Plum High School. I also have been a personal trainer for the last 10 years. I recently have lost 30 lbs with a fitness craze that is quickly sweeping the nation. It is called Cross-Fit. Cross-Fit is a program that is a broad,  high intensity, strength and conditioning program. As a former athlete, I looked for something other than body building that would allow me to keep competition in my life.

I first discovered Cross-Fit when I heard about it online.  At the time I didn’t see how this would help me because I was still in the bodybuilding mindset. As the years have gone on and Cross-fit continues to grow I also continued to grow just not in the right way.

My nutrition was not good and my fitness was not either. It basically consisted of me trying to lift as much as I could. Well, that lead to tightness in my shoulders, back and legs, and loss of athleticism. A year and a half ago I began working with a personal trainer who got me to embrace Cross-Fit.  With me being so competitive I didn’t want to let a former coworker show me up in fitness, so I started following his workouts. I began to realize at that time that my fitness level was pretty poor. My strength was very high but I was lacking in all other aspects of fitness. My cardiovascular system was terrible, and I was not flexible. I had bad core strength and just all around had lost my athletic ability to do things quickly and move heavy loads quickly.

That is when I started Cross-Fit. Without changing my nutrition I quickly dropped 10 lbs.  I started to feel a little better and be a little more flexible but I also realized that I had a long road ahead. This is when I realized that Cross-Fit had a lot of competitions around. This also excited me and motivated me because I wanted to get back into competition. After losing that first 10 lbs I began looking at nutrition. I never would have looked at my food choices if I hadn’t been putting so much of myself into these workouts. So, I quickly changed my eating habits.  Then by changing nutritionI lost the other 20 lbs within another 3 1/2 months.

I have been able to maintain that 30 lbs loss. I started on Easter last year when I was my heaviest at 218 and I now weigh 185. I am still just as strong on most lifts, except for bench press and that’s because in Cross-Fit you barely ever bench.  I still can deadlift over 500 lbs and full squat over 400. I have gotten much stronger in my Olympic lifts by going from cleaning 185 to now cleaning 275. I would recommend Cross-Fit to anyone. It got me to my goals in a very short amount of time. You can set up a program that is right for you and you will see results quickly!

By now you are probably saying well what is Cross-Fit. Cross-Fit is a broad all inclusive strength and conditioning program. It covers everything in fitness. It includes gymnastics, cardiovascular exercises, strength exercises, Olympic lifting exercises, and flexibility. It is never the same. Some workouts are 2 minutes long once you get into the work out and some workouts are an hour long. You never know and that is part of the fun. Some people will say Cross-Fit can cause injury and I do agree but if you are smart and have a good coach who will warm you up properly and get you prepared for the workout.

Cross-Fit is like any other fitness plan- there is always a risk of injury but the reward is much greater when done properly. If you would like to learn more visit It explains everything there and it also is where some workouts are posted daily.  Some other good Cross-Fit websites are

VERTIGO – Do you or someone you know have vertigo?

Many people suffer from vertigo and begin to change their lifestyle and limit activities because of the fear of these spinning episodes. We can help!

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) typically causes vertigo or “spinning.” Patients commonly report that they feel the room spinning with specific position changes and may refer to their “crystals being loose.” We are experts at managing this diagnosis quickly and effectively using a repositioning maneuver. The results are amazing!

There are other conditions affecting the vestibular system and a person’s sense of equilibrium, and these disorders are seen in patients of all ages from childhood to older adults. Typical symptoms of impairments from the vestibular system include dizziness, vertigo or “spinning”, decreased balance, nausea and headaches. Our Vestibular Rehabilitation works on restoring balance and safe gait for patients. Call 724-327-7099 x214 for more information, or click here to go to our web site.