Wow- is this winter nasty or what? Seems like the snow shovels are in constant motion. Please remember to use good body mechanics and pace yourself. Thankfully the snow has been light so it’s easy to push!

We are so excited about our new partnership with Elite Runners and Walkers in Monroeville. We began our educational series in December with an overview and now we are presenting on specific injuries. Our next presentation is Tuesday Feb 18th on IT Band syndrome in runners and cyclist. See the heading below for the remainder of the schedule.

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Elite Runners and Walkers Educational Series

  • Tuesday Feb 18th – IT Band
  • Tuesday March 18th – Knee pain
  • Tuesday April 15th – Minimalist shoes; Chi running
  • Tuesday May 20th– Swiss ball and BOSU core exercises

Click the link to register online for the sessions. 



The Alter G treadmill has been a phenomenal addition to our Murrysville office. Patient have shown accelerated progress after injury or surgery because of the ability to bear weight much sooner in the rehab process and in a controlled fashion.

Many have opted to continue using the Alter G even after rehab is over by purchasing a punch card good for 30 minute sessions.

To learn more about this exciting new-age technology, click here to visit our web page dedicated to the Alter G.


Important Insurance Reminders

We urge patients to be good advocates for their healthcare and to have a good understanding of the insurance plan provisions. One of the most significant points to remember is that you ALWAYS have a choice of providers for any service that you need. More often than we would like, we hear that patients are being directed away from our practice by physician groups owned by UPMC. Be aware of this and insist on choosing our practice especially if you have had a successful result in the past.

Be a good consumer and seek out what is best for you!

Co-Pay/ Deductible Challenges?

If you or someone you know is in need of our service, but is hesitating to schedule because of co-pays or deductible issues, please call the office and discuss the matter with our staff. We DO have options for you. Your conversation will be held in the strictest confidence.


Check out this very enlightening article in the Washington Post about the damage to our bodies brought on by excessive sitting. If you have the desire to be active but are somehow limited or restricted due to pain or dysfunction, we can help. Read the article, then give us a call and we will answer all of your questions. More and more people are embracing physical therapy as a wellness intervention not just rehabilitative.

Where has your Rehab Taken You?

Send us your photos of you wearing your ESSMC gear and we’ll post it in the next Newletter! PLUS- you can win a $25 Panera Gift Card. Please include your name and email address with your submission so that we can contact you. One winner will be chosen from submissions received by March 1st.


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