As Health Care Providers, We Are Asked Many Questions:

  • How long is a patient likely to need treatment?
  • How do we measure our quality?
  • How do we know we are providing high quality services?
  • What is our customer satisfaction?
  • What is our total value or treatment efficiency?
  • How does the quality and value of our services compare to other rehabilitation providers?

ESSMC is proud to announce our new quality initiative to continue our mission of being the BEST Physical Therapy Practice in Pittsburgh.   This spring we have partnered with Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO®), a nationwide outcomes database for medical rehabilitation providers; and this partnership will allow us to answer all of the questions above.  During your initial visit you will be given a tablet to answer specific questions about your function in relation to your injury.  Based upon your answers, you are given a score which is then compared to a national database of similar patients with similar injuries. Your score and the use of a predictive algorithm allow us to now predict where your function will be upon the end of physical therapy and how long it will take you to achieve that optimal function.

Every quarter, FOTO will provide us with a comparative report on the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment that we provide to you.  We will then be able to compare our therapists to other therapists throughout the country.  We are excited when our report comes back to be able to report to our patients that we can get you better more efficiently and effectively than others in this country.  You will be pleased to see with our data that you and your loved ones are receiving the top physical therapy in the country right here in your community.

Franklin Regional & Plum Career Days

Physical Therapists Marielle Bonaroti & Michael Tardio returned to their former Middle and Elementary Schools to participate in an educational career day for the students.  Michael was also joined at Pivik Elementary School by Plum’s Athletic Trainer Lauren Bence where they shed light on their typical day as a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer.  All involved were excited to spark the students’ interests in health care careers.   Below is Marielle and former patient Darren Miller at Franklin regionals career day.


Medicare Policy on Physical Therapy Maintenance Program

In the past patients have experienced instances where Medicare denied part of their physical therapy claim because the patient was not improving.  Rest assure, Medicare can no longer deny a patient from skilled physical therapy just because they are not improving.  This winter Medicare updated their policies and the revisions make clear that if treatment is needed to prevent or slow further deterioration in a patient’s condition, “coverage cannot be denied based on the absence of potential for improvement or restoration.”

If you or a family member were previously in the unfortunate situation of a Medicare denial due to “no potential for improvement”, you may be eligible for a re-review of your claim. If your claim became final between Jan. 18, 2011 and Jan. 24, 2013, you must file the request by July 23. (If your claim was final between Jan. 25, 2013, and Jan. 23, 2014, you have until Jan. 23 of next year to file).  Follow this link for further information .

How does your Brain respond to pain?

Almost everyone who attends physical therapy have a complaint of pain.  Ever wonder how your brain responds to pain or why some people have a higher pain tolerance than others?  Here is a cool short video that explains the complex nature of pain.

Stampede in the Park 5k

This year’s Stampede in the Park will be held on July 19, 2014 at Boyce Park.  The race benefits Leukemia Research and helps provide scholarships to deserving Plum High School Cross Country and Track Student Athletes.  If interested in running, walking, volunteering or donating visit to register for the event.

Jerry Maher Memorial 5k Run & Walk for Parkinson Awareness

The 8th Annual Parkinson’s Awareness 5k will be Saturday June 14, 2014 9:00 AM at Hutchinson Park, Hopwood, PA 15445. Go to  to register. Over $40,000 has been raised with this race, all of which has gone to the Parkinson Foundation of Western PA.