National Physical Therapy Month

Help celebrate National Physical Therapy Month by sharing your success stories.  Tell your friends and family how PT helped you return to better function.  If you see someone struggling to walk or having difficulty performing their everyday tasks, let them know that Physical Therapy can help them too.  Share your stories on facebook and twitter using #PTmonth and tag us in your posts.  You can find a link at the bottom of this newsletter to all of our social media pages.

Welcome to Our Newest Therapist

We are pleased to welcome Jessica Kniss to our practice.  She will primarily be treating patients in our North Huntingdon office and providing coverage for therapists in our other five offices.  Jessica earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Saint Francis University in 2013. She also received her Bachelors of Science degree in Health Sciences and a minor in Exercise Physiology from Saint Francis University in 2011. She has experience and a special interest in treating neurological and vestibular dysfunctions.

Jessica enjoys participating in all aspects of fitness including spinning, strength training, and running. She is a fan of many sports, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins

Elite Runners and Walkers Free Educational Series

Starting in November our staff athletic trainers and physical therapists will hold a free educational series at Elite Runners and Walkers at their store in the Monroeville Miracle Mile. Below is a list of the upcoming topics.

1. Why does my knee hurt? Dealing with painful knees in the runner.

Tuesday Nov 18, 2014.

6:30 pm Elite runners in Monroeville.

Session will explore multiple causes of knee pain from tendonitis to arthritis, treatment options, and discussion of activity modification. Runners can present any specific injuries for discussion.

2. Injury prevention ideas for the runner.

Wednesday January 21, 2014.

6:30pm Elite runners in Monroeville.

Session will discuss strength training, stretching/flexibility, use of swiss balls, foam rollers/self massage.

3.Shin/Ankle/Heel pain in the runner.

Tuesday March 17, 2014.

6:30pm Elite runners in Monroeville.

Session will explore very common area of pain including Plantar Fasciitis, tendonitis, shin pain, ankle sprains, stress reactions/fractures, and toe pain.

4.Improving Performance.

Wednesday May 20, 2014.

6:30 pm Elite runners in Monroeville.

Session will look at nutritional supplements, cross training, shoe types, core strengthening, and open to discussion with the participants as to what has or has not worked for them in the past.

Muscle Soreness vs Pain

On a daily basis a patient will say “after starting the new exercise, I have been more painful” and nine times out of ten this is not true pain.  When strengthening muscles that have been weak, you can experience muscle soreness which is often perceived as pain. This muscle soreness is not a bad thing but actually shows that the muscle is being strengthened at an adequate dosage.  Typically this soreness peaks around 24-72 hours after exercising.  This is the result of small, safe damage to muscle fibers and is called Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS).  During this time, your muscles may be tender to touch and feel tight and achy.  Below is a chart to help determine what is DOMS and what is truly Pain.

  Muscle Soreness Pain
Type of Discomfort -Tender when touching muscles-Tired or burning feeling while exercising

-Minimal dull, tight and aching feeling at rest

Ache, sharp pain at rest or when exercising
Onset During exercise or 24-72 hours after activity During exercise or within 24 hours of activity
Duration 2-3 Days May linger if not addressed
Location Muscles Muscles of Joints
Improves with Stretching Ice or rest
Worsens with Sitting still Continued activity

Upcoming Events

– Ryan Kesterholt (athletic trainer at Plum High School) will be competing at R.A.W Fall Brawl Crossfit Competition on October 18th.  Come out and support Ryan in his all day competition at 2330 Wildwood Rd. Gibsonia, PA 15044