September “Fall Sports” Newsletter

High School Sports

For 30 years we have been proud to provide the highest quality athletic training and sports medicine services to Plum and Gateway High Schools. Our athletic trainers have been hard at work during the long hours of training camp, practices, and now finally games. If you attend a game this year make sure you thank Lauren Bence, Ryan Kesterholt, & Chris Klekker for keeping our student athletes safe.

Baseball Injury Prevention App

World renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews & physical therapist Dr. Kevin Wilk have created an app to help prevent injuries in baseball. Called “Throw Like a Pro” the app creators hope that it will decrease overuse injuries by 60%.  The app can be downloaded for $9.99 and a portion of the cost goes towards the nonprofit American Sports Medicine Institute.  Included in the app are a pitch counter, a pre-season preparation guide, warm-up guidelines, & information about overuse injuries.

Dietary Supplements CAN’T Treat Concussions

The FDA recently released a consumer update on companies that market dietary supplements that purport to heal—and in some cases prevent—concussions. The advertising has received more attention with the start of fall school sports, and the agency is stepping up its enforcement actions to warn companies when their claims are false.  Below is a link to the FDA’s consumer update but the bottom line, is that there is no dietary supplement that has been shown to prevent or treat concussion. If someone tells you otherwise, walk away.

Hamstring Injuries

US soccer fans this summer watched in agony when Jozy Altidore injured his hamstring during the first game of the FIFA World Cup.  For Pittsburgh Steelers fans, we have witnessed former Steelers LaMarr Woodley continue to pull his hamstring over the course of his stint with the team.  Unfortunately, hamstring injuries are fairly common in sports that require explosive movements like soccer and football.  The good news for the throng of athletes who sustain this injury is that new research from Europe has found that certain exercises can help return them to sport quicker & drastically reduce the recurrent rate of subsequent hamstring strains.  This new research and philosophy encourages exercises that lengthen the hamstring muscle early during the rehab process rather than focusing on strengthening exercises. Compared to the standard of care, the professional soccer players who performed “lengthening exercises” had a significantly less recurrent injury rate.  Know someone with a hamstring injury? Call us today so we can implement a rehab program to return them to sport ASAP while decreasing their risk for reinjury.