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What Are The Best Stability Running Shoes

Running is among the most popular sports in the whole world. In fact, in the US alone, there were reportedly 64 million people who went jogging or running in 2016. The primary reason for this is fitness; people know that running is one of the best exercises that they can do to manage their weight, […]

What Is The Best BCAA For Men?

 With the increasing demand for weight and heavy lifting comes the popularity of the Branched-Chain Amino Acids supplements, or commonly known as BCAA. These supplements come in different brands and forms, like powder and capsules, which make it even harder to decide on what will be the best and most beneficial for your body needs. But […]

The Best BCAA For Women

All fitness enthusiasts know that a good diet paired with plenty of exercise will get them the fitness results they want. The more you exercise, the more nutrients your body will digest so the more food with it you need to eat. There are nine essential amino acids in your body and three of them […]

The Best Shoes For Overpronation

Walking and running are natural to many of us, and they are something that we do not overanalyze, most of the time. But did you know that these activities require certain things from our feet, specifically in the way we touch the ground? For most people, weight when walking or running is transferred from the […]

The Best Essential Oil Brands In 2018

Used for thousands of years for a wide range of purposes, essential oils are recently gaining ground as safer and better alternatives to conventional health care for various medical, beauty, and skin care concerns. These oils are distilled or extracted from different parts of plants such as barks, flowers, leaves, resins, roots, and peels, which […]

Everything You Need to Know About Hidradenitis Suppurativa

This disease almost sounds like a science-fiction creation and it’s very certain that most of us haven’t heard about it. The name of the disease is long and pretty hard to pronounce. To facilitate its discussion, let us abbreviate hidradenitis suppurativa and refer to it as HS. Two people are accredited for its discovery. First, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  Pregnant women have a lot to deal with from their bodies changing to making modifications in their usual habits and diets. They do all of this in order to make sure that the baby developing in their womb is healthy and happy. However, some women aren’t as careful even though they already know that […]

15 Surprising Benefits of Epsom Salts

This is one substance that has been largely taken for granted. It has been commonly used as a bath salt and as medication to treat skin inflammations such as localized infections or small boils. But Epsom salts offer a lot more benefits than we already know. It’s widely used for medical purposes to agricultural to […]

The Complete Guide To Daith Piercing

Most of those who get piercings do so for the aesthetic appeal. They only get pierced to look cooler in the eyes of the public. But there are some types of piercing which have a more profound purpose than just providing an aesthetic appeal and daith piercing is one of them. Of course, we’re not […]