I make time for yoga one to two times a week! It doesn’t have to be a certain type of yoga, I prefer a slow paced stretching and makes me mindful about the mind body connection!

Vibrating foam roller which I was first introduced to at ESSMC during my recovery. It is simply amazing at breaking down buildup in the fascia around the muscle which allows for faster recovery!

A bag of rice, I use this as my ice pack! Doesn’t make a mess and stays frozen for quite a while without water leaking all over the couch! Just ensure it’s not the bag you plan to serve at tomorrow’s night dinner. The pint of ice cream also works great for icing sore feet or ankles based on its shape!

Keeping my feet up and elevated after a long run is key! Imagine the rice is resting underneath my hammy!

Epsom salt, truly a must in any athletes tool kit! Add 1-2 cups to a bath and almost all my soreness is eliminated! This new variety has an amazing smell and relief in one!  Post Epsom soak, rub arnicare gel liberally on sore areas like my ankles and hammies and within minutes feel completely refreshed!