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I was very hesitant and uneasy about going to physical therapy, but was required to before receiving a cortisone shot in my lower back along with pain associated with osteoarthritis in my right hip. Upon arrival at the Plum office I was greeted by the front office staff who were very professional and friendly. From that point on, everyone at this location was very welcoming, caring and helpful, and made me feel at ease.

All of the staff from the technicians to the physical therapist, Matt Gatesman, who I was assigned to spent time answering all questions or concerns with the common goal of reducing my pain, along with advice on how to further strengthen focused areas. My pain has been significantly reduced, and when it flares up I find that the stretching and core exercises in the custom made program assigned to me are a great source of relief. Even when in pain, I force myself to go through the program and feel better afterwards.

I highly recommend ESSMC for anyone experiencing any type of pain. Their highly qualified therapists and staff are eager to help where they can to ease your pain and suffering, and will make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Chris N.

As a bus driver of over 18 years my legs were so bad, I had to have bilateral knee surgery. I literally didn’t have a decent leg to stand on. While I had significant upper body strength, both of my legs had significant muscle atrophy. After my surgery I found out that working out is not the same as rehabilitation! The staff pushed me past what I thought was my limits to gain back muscle and the use of my legs which I had not used properly for over 15 years.

My physical therapist, David Reynolds and his staff started by restoring my mobility and a normal range of motion. Others at work were surprised that I had already acquired more range in both knees then they did after having one knee done.

Using very specific machines and muscle specific exercises they honed in on my endurance, balance and my gait which had been destroyed from years of pain. I had to relearn how to walk normally. I know that seems like that would be a no brainer, but my muscle memory had me still hobbling I had to learn how walking normal felt while rebuilding muscles that had not been used in a very long time.

They really do push you past what you think you need or can do so that you can fully recover and yes you will be sore from your rehab, and yes you will sweat up a storm, I know I did! But I finally stopped going down steps backwards using my upper body to do the work. I finally have the strength and the balance (and confidence) to do so.

I walk 1-3 miles regularly, mow the lawn and feel like I’m twenty years younger. I highly recommend ESSMC, my physical therapist, David Reynolds and the staff in Monroeville who would always fit me in to accommodate my strange schedule. Thank you ESSMC!

Noel Sheldon., Monroeville PA

I have chronic mental health issues. Why would I go to a physical therapist and not a psychiatric one? For me, physical exercise is the best and optimal treatment for my mental health. After 2 knee replacements and lower back issues, my exercise routine was impossible. I was actually in little pain and able to perform everyday activities, but without my somewhat vigorous exercise routine my mental health deteriorated. Neil and the staff at ESSMC understood this and set up an ambitious program for me. My physical, but more importantly, my mental health is back on track. I can do my exercising again and wake up ready to start my day and glad to be alive!!! Thanks guys!!!

Mary Anne

Typically one seeks physical therapy to recover from injury or a medical procedure, and in two separate instances, I found ESSMC staff to be most professional, dedicated and encouraging to help me recover and assume normal activities. My golf game hasn't improved, but I am back to playing.

Ed P., Murrysville

I recently graduated from my physical therapy. It’s a bitter sweet feeling that I have to really keep up with my exercise and make good decisions to keep me safe. When I first found out about my neck I felt like it was a death sentence. I always stay pretty active and try to keep up with my son. So I became pretty depressed 😥 when the doctor basically told me that I couldn’t do anything that I enjoyed doing anymore. So when I started at ESSMC I kind of had a bad attitude. The Physical Therapist John was awesome and my feelings and attitude quickly changed as I progressed. I have tried my hardest to get back to myself and I finally feel much better and am aloud to do things that I love with caution of course but I’m not as limited as I once thought. I would highly recommend ESSMC to anyone needing physical therapy 💪🏽❤️🙌🏻

Carly G., Penn Township

The care was personalized, flexible and excellent. You can definitely trust your physical therapy care to ESSMC and their staff! Rating 10 out of 10.

Nancy S., Export PA

"I came to ESSMC after groin surgery. It had been about 18 months of numerous doctor visits, surgery consults & finally surgery. It was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to recover & return to my active lifestyle & regular fitness routine. I had already been through so much, and didn’t want to go backwards. All of my fears & concerns were quickly addressed by Marielle & she started me on the road to recovery. I started feeling better right away, and when an exercise was too much, I didn’t have a problem speaking up & modifications were made. I attribute my recovery success to ESSMC. They were with me the whole way & continue to check in on me, even though I finished my therapy sessions weeks ago. I can’t recommend them enough. I know if I ever need physical therapy in the future, they’re who I’ll go to."

Elaine F., Murrysville

I went to the Penn Township office for rehab on a crushed ankle. All the ladies there were so helpful, from the receptionist to Jeannette, Christine and Melissa. I won’t be running a marathon, but I’m driving and getting around fairly well for my age. PS Love the t-shirt. Thanks.

Doris P., Penn Twp.

"I had pains in my neck, shoulder and upper arm that I did not think we’re ever going to go away. I literally did not want to go on living because the pain was so bad. Zak Boss continued to work with me and encourage me and eventually I was amazed but I feel great again. Thank you to ESSMC for helping me to avoid surgery."

David K., Monroeville

Have had their services for rehab after surgery with quick recover to full function. Also experienced an inner ear issue which they actually fixed in one visit. Front desk friendly, physical therapists were caring, friendly and knowledgeable. Great bunch of people.

Walter K., Plum

I would and do recommend ESSMC to anyone suffering from physical difficulties. The office is professionally run and John Bonaroti and his staff are tremendous in their treatment from initial diagnosis to the specific treatment needed to assist in the healing/recovery process. John was a huge help to me in providing treatment approaches and referral options during the time of my injury.
Can't say enough good about ESSMC.

Larry A. Sellitto, Ph.D.

"I have been to ESSMC several times for a sore shoulder and before and after knee surgery. I was always treated professionally and promptly by every member of the staff. I have always received appointments at my convenience. I'm doing very well since my knee surgery last spring. Still doing my PT daily at home as I was instructed to do by everyone."

Nancy R., Export PA

“I was subjected to a dizziness problem following a sudden fall. After going through many appointments with a neurologist, ear doctor and scans, I went to ESSMC where Marielle performed vestibular therapy. In one easy session, I was relieved of my problem related to crystals in my ear. If it happens to me again, I will know where to go without delay!”

Adrienne H., Murrysville

Christine Rapp and Melissa were excellent. The treatment at ESSMC was far superior to another therapy center I used to rehabilitate torn Quad tendons. The exercises were thoroughly explained and I was continuously watched and corrected to ensure that I performed them properly. The manual manipulation performed by Christine was excellent. They made each visit productive and as enjoyable as a therapy session could be. I have and will continue to highly recommend ESSMC (especially Christine).

Richard K., Irwin, PA

"Physical therapy is endless. It's what keeps me going to Planet Fitness. Biking, walking too."

William C., Harrison City (six months after total knee replacement)

I was extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment I received at ESSMC. They were very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They were able to evaluate and fix my problem within approximately 10 visits, and I still continue my exercises they taught me to prevent the issue from returning. They really care about their patients, and they check on us even after therapy has ended. They also gave me a shirt after I was finished with my therapy. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help, and I will return to them if needed.

Janine M., Murrysville

Let me start by saying what a personable, knowledgeable and professional staff there is on Integrity Drive! Dr. Neil, Cassie and Zach were all supportive and caring from start to finish. My recovery was enhanced by both the equipment and exercise regimen, causing my orthopedic doctor to say "Is this the same knee you brought in here 8 weeks ago?" Thanks so much!

Ernie Dettore

"The only thing I’d like to say is Zak my therapist was very caring, compassionate and excellent with helping me with my therapy. Thank you Zak."

Margaret Z, Monroeville

ESSMC is THE place to go for any and all of your rehabilitation needs. I have used their services for 30+ years and I won't go anywhere else. The friendly staff is very knowledgeable and they will take the time to explain everything involved with your treatment. After your first visit to ESSMC you will feel like you are part of their family. The hours of operation make it easy to schedule appointments. Call ESSMC for your next therapy or rehabilitation needs. You will be glad you did.

Paul C., Murrysville, PA

“Before starting physical therapy, there was a concern (by me) about not being able to continue working as a food bank volunteer at St Barbara Church. This has been my passion since retiring almost 5 years ago. Could not image not being able to help the many people in need in the immediate area and in another state. Therapy for my right knee has allowed me to do the lifting, pulling and sliding of boxes of food for the needy - all without the previous pain associated with limited range of motion of the knee. I can now carry my 8 month old granddaughter and get down on the floor and play with her - have not been able to do this since she was born. My physical therapy team used their exceptional compassion, skill and knowledge to allow me to pursue a normal active life - for which I am very grateful. I sincerely hope the therapy team understands that through their efforts, when one person is helped that in turn allows many others to be helped. Thank you Christine, Melissa and Ann. Keep up the good work and may God bless each of you.”

Richard from Penn Township office

"Matt Gatesman was my therapist. He treated my jaw pain. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would highly recommend Matt! He certainly helped relieve my jaw pain."

Grace P., Plum

" Very knowledgeable therapists and staff! My care and treatment were excellent and definitely improved my recovery time!"

Joseph B., Monroeville, PA

After having numerous shoulder surgeries, I can attest that ESSMC in Murrysville is the BEST!!

One Is not just a patient here, but someone who every staff person knows by name & the staff truly cares about your progress. Unlike other PT Centers, each visit is spent with hands-on, one-on-one extensive time with your very own-assigned Physical Therapist. In addition, one’s individual goals are always addressed to help promote/restore wellness & also to prevent potential problems. Plus, the amiable personnel at the front desk make scheduling appointments easy.

Overall a climate of respectfulness permeates this PT establishment. Appreciated is the availability of numerous PT Tech’s who are always approachable. At times these friendly PT Tech’s will correct or point out better methods of carrying out therapeutic exercises. Also, their input of empathetic encouragement helps with on-going progress.

ESSMC’s compatible teamwork creates a positive and friendly atmosphere where everyone assists you in being successful with your therapeutic exercising techniques.

The ESSMC Murrysville personnel & the other motivated patients make PT enjoyable—hard to believe that PT can be fun, but it is true!

Rebecca S., Murrysville

"I went to ESSMC in Monroeville after my knee replacement. That staff is wonderful. Everyone there was very friendly. They make you want to work harder to get back on your feet. We worked hard, but also had fun while getting to the goal. I would definitely go back if the need arises in the future!"

Diane O., Monroeville

I would highly recommend ESSMC Monroeville Office. The staff from the ladies at the front desk to those in the clinic that I worked with were so friendly and personable. They made me feel comfortable and were encouraging. Even when it was busy there....I didn't feel rushed. They also took the time to explain to my wife what I was doing and how I was improving. If you need PT, I suggest ESSMC.

Alfred H., Monroeville

Hi John, wishing you, your family and your awesome Team a very Merry Christmas. My showdown with ‘The Mountain’ is August 26, 2018. Can’t wait to begin my 8 month odyssey. I’m able to do unassisted pull-ups from a dead arm hang now...thanks to ESSMC!

George R., Plum

"Thanks for your patience with me. I just had lunch with an old friend and I told her how all of you turned me around. My son sees the changes in me, too, not only physically but also mentally. I guess they go together. He will be singing your praises also!"

Diana M., Murrysville

I am very satisfied with the performance and help that these girls provide. They work in a very professional manner and provide a very friendly and motivational environment.

Dennis G. - Penn Trafford

"I have had to use the rehab services at East Suburban Sports Medicine on 3 separate occasions in the past 15 years and I can highly recommend this group. The staff at Penn Hills (Neil and Justin) got me back on my feet and standing straight and tall. Carolyn in Monroeville helped me deal with a very painful hand condition. I am not looking forward to needing their services again but if I do, I know I will be in good hands!"

Helen I., Penn Hills
Highly recommend this group!

I can’t thank John enough for helping me regain muscle strength and mobility in my shoulder. When I started my physical therapy I was skeptical that treatment without surgery could actually work. After months of treatment I have restored strength and functionality in my shoulder.
I am truly grateful to you and your staff for helping me feel normal again. Your specialized treatment and knowledge was greatly appreciated. I am golfing again and swinging as hard as ever!

I will be happy to refer friends. Thanks again!

Kury K., Greensburg, PA

John, I'd like to thank you and your staff especially Christi and Samantha for helping me get back on my feet by getting rid of my back problem and be able to get back to a normal life. You have a phenomenal staff at your office and they do great work. It is a true reflection of you. Best wishes to the East Suburban Sports Medicine family.

Jim G., Delmont

My shoulder feels great! It is quite mobile. Very flexible. I'm so grateful each and every day. I'm still working to get more strength back as I realize if I move too quickly I set myself back. I sing your praises to everyone I talk to!! You are top notch for us. You will always be

Kelly P., Penn Township

When realizing that I would need physical therapy following knee surgery, I started to inquire about which of the many available facilities to use. Recommendations from my doctor, friends, and coworkers had one thing in common – they highly recommended ESSMC in Murrysville.

I was treated with kindness and respect from all personnel – starting with the reception/front desk personnel to the physical therapy assistants to Marielle my physical therapist.

Going into physical therapy, one of my most important concerns was that my program/treatment would not be based on my age. And that was absolutely my experience. Immediately I was asked what my physical activities/levels were prior to my injury as well as what my goals were on completion. Together we worked towards my recovery based on that and with the encouragement and help of ESSMC, I have the best outcome.

Joyce Z. - Murrysville

My physical therapy is coming along well with improvements especially the swelling and flexibility, need continued care for pain and discomfort from surgery and arthritis that remains , my care is incredible with ESSMC penn twp office , through years of past physical therapy care I never had such individual care and time spent on my injuries, thank you to Christine Rapp and her hard working team Sincerely,

Jeff G. - Penn Township

Thanks to the therapists in monroeville I can play hockey and shoot hoops without back pain.

Zachary W., Monroeville

"I want to take a minute to compliment you on your exceptional staff. Over the years I have always disliked going to therapy but I find now that not only do I look forward to going to therapy, I actually love going to ESSMC !"

Jerri B., McKeesport

I recently finished a rehab period at ESSMC in Penn Hills where I learned something very important. I was there for a shoulder issue and was treated by Neil and Justin. Words are not enough to describe what an incredible job both of these guys did. Their specialized knowledge, determination of achieving improvement and ability to communicate this to the patients of all ages greatly exceeded my expectations. There is no question I would not have been able to achieve these results on my own and am very appreciative of their efforts and interest in helping me.

So what did I learn? I learned that when ever I need rehab I need to go the ESSMC to get the best treatment.

Mark - Penn Hills

"Everyone was very caring and professional. The equipment used for my therapy was great, especially the fluidotherapy machine!!"

Judy L. Irwin

"Carolyn is Fantastic! She's patient, understanding and informative. The tech staff was always enjoyable too. I will miss the team!!"

Kim L. Plum

"Loved it here. You made me feel welcome and kept me on track to get back to the mat and the sport I love."

Nathan S. Murrysville

Can I give them a 10 star rating?! Staff is very professional, informative, nice atmosphere, overall I think the recommended stretches are benefiting me. I've gone to other PT practices where the staff is rushing around & calling out to one another - very unsettling to the patient. Thanks for your care & for asking my opinion!

Missy B., Greensburg

“My back feels awesome now because of all the treatment I got from the great staff at ESSMC. They really know what they’re doing and got me on a course of treatment that got me feeling better sooner than I expected. Couldn’t thank them enough.”


“The care I received at East Suburban Sports Medicine was excellent. The physical therapist took time to explain each exercise and what part of the muscle it would work. They have a great staff and it really makes a difference. monroeville”


“The entire staff was friendly and professional. Maria was great. Matt was excellent. He really worked hard on getting both arms mobile. I thought the treatments they came up with were fantastic.”


“Everyone on the staff of the Pittsburgh office were all so professional. They listened to my concerns and addressed them right then and there. I saw how well everyone worked together and really got a great feeling that they knew their stuff. I’m very happy with how everything turned out and will definitely come back to East Suburban Sports Medicine if I ever need the help of a physical therapist again.”


“I really appreciated the professional expertise and the positive atmosphere that I was able to experience at ESSMC. I enjoyed getting to know everyone on a more personal level. They have some excellent trainers and therapists and really got my body back to where it should be.”


“I’ve been to several rehab/therapy providers over the years and none have come close to the service provided by ESSMC. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone I know because of the great doctors”


“I appreciated the professional expertise and the positive atmosphere at East Suburban Sports Medicine. I enjoyed getting to know everyone on a personal level since I was working with them so much. They gave me a great treatment regimen and it really has helped me out. Thanks for all the work you guys do!”

Kevin, Irwin

“ESSMC has such a positive atmosphere. My treatment was efficient and rather quick. I enjoyed getting to know the staff as I worked with them. I appreciate the expertise of the office.”


“I appreciate the professional expertise at East Suburban Sports Medicine. Everyone was very positive and informative. I would have been lost if the staff members would not have been so knowledgeable.”


“When I started my care I expressed to my therapist how I was against electric stimulation and he was able to create a plan of care that still helped me without it. I now have mobility and am not in pain. I greatly appreciate them doing whatever they could to make sure I got better. Many thanks.”


” I am functioning today because of Christine and Rose at the Leverington Office. My knee was a total mess when I started at ESSMC. It was only with their wisdom, urging and encouragement that I am doing so well. They are a wonderful team and I am eternally grateful”.

Candice H.

” The professionalism and courteous caring of the Monroeville staff can’t be emphasized enough. My full recovery is due to the dedication and ongoing commitment of Michael and Sue. They are both great! Thank you! “

Marguerite C.

“I would refer my best friend to ESSMC – Marielle and all her assistants were thorough professionals.”

Richard D., Murrysville

“Words to describe your staff- welcoming, professional, caring, efficient, knowledgeable, good sense of humor. Everyone did a great job!”

Barb K., Penn Township

“I have been with ESSMC for 15 years for numerous injuries and have always been treated with extreme care and concern. In addition to my health and recovery program, great concern was given to my emotional well-being.”

Jane M., Murrysville

“My care at ESSMC Penn Hills was exceptional as usual. Thank you for caring so much!”

Sylvia M., Penn Hills

“The staff was great. I’m very appreciative of all the hard work and concern that I received during my recovery experience.”

Jodi C., Murrysville

“Dave Reynolds is an excellent therapists. Megan and the entire staff are so nice and friendly and do a great job!”

Susan S., Monroeville

Thanks very much for your help with my problem. I’m feeling much better than I was at my first appointment. After just a few visits to ESSMC, I was very pleasantly surprised that I felt so much better so quickly. John and his staff are extremely capable, friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend ESSMC to anyone.

Vonnie R., Murrysville

The Penn Hills Staff at East Suburban Sports Medicine were absolutely wonderful! I felt so at home and so relaxed and most important in the best “Hands”! They helped me make it back to normal! I had a torn Rotator Cuff and Bicep Tendon Degeneration. Ugly surgery. But after all their help and support, not to mention my own “Get ‘er done” attitude, I pushed myself every day. Everyone was just the best! Including the front desk keeping my own schedule and able to work around my life. ALMOST back to 100%! Thanks to ALL!

Steve F, Penn Hills

When I needed physical therapy to rehab my running injury, I chose East Suburban Sports Medicine Center. Their therapists and staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and the personal attention is extraordinary. They kept up communication with my doctor and worked hard to help me recover and meet my goals. Thanks ESSMC for not only getting me back on my feet, but back to my Boston marathon-qualifying pace!

Diane D, Penn Township

As a senior citizen, I have had the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent care by the folks at ESSMC over a span of at least 30 years. From self-inflicted mishaps to recovery from surgical procedures, John and his crew of therapists have always helped me return to full function and good health.

For my latest injury, however, they performed a miracle. I had a very important trip scheduled but was in extreme pain from sciatica. When I explained the situation to John he assured me that he would do everything in his power to help me! In just two weeks of intensive therapy, I felt well enough to travel and with the aid of my illustrated exercise sheet, I have continued my therapy at home and feel well one month later.

Thank you John and everyone at ESSMC! The fact that you all care about us, your patients, is very evident from our first visit to the last.

Liz D, Murrysville

I continue to be impressed with both the professionalism of the staff and the care and compassion they always exhibit. John is wonderful in every way, but his depth of experience and his diagnostic skills make the PT experience valuable. He is by far one of the most capable professionals I have ever dealt with.

Susan G, Murrysville

I cannot thank John and the amazing staff at ESSMC enough for the care given to my daughter, Livia. After breaking her knee twice in competitive cheerleading, we spent 2 months in physical therapy at the only provider covered by my insurance. This provider did nothing to help my daughter and she often left there in tears.

When her orthopedic surgeon recommended John Bonaroti at ESSMC, I made the appointment the next day. I knew from the first session that John’s expertise was going to make a difference in my daughter’s recovery. His hands-on approach was a world away from what we had experienced at our former provider.

The staff at the Murrysville office strived to help my daughter regain her strength in an atmosphere that is cheerful and full of state of the art equipment. I am hopeful that my daughter will not need physical therapy again, but if she does, we know exactly where we will be going for the best care possible. Thank you all again for everything!!

RoseAnn T , Irwin

I always use ESSMC for my physical therapy. Marielle Bonaroti is very talented in diagnosing my pain and setting up a treatment plan. I trust I always get great care. Thanks.

Mark A. - Murrysville

I was apprehensive as I began my rehab for my broken shoulder. I am very grateful that I found ESSMC and especially Marielle. With her professionalism, expertise and kindness, she guided me and helped me to be able to use my arm and shoulder proficiently again. The entire staff was helpful and encouraging and I am thankful for my experience.

Dreama D. - Murrysville

ESSMC is a well a equipped center and well managed. Beth was my therapist. She demonstrated back exercises so I understood them. She was fun, kind, and considerate of my slow movement. All in all a fine experience.

David V., Murrysville

The professional support, suggestions, and encouragement I received from both the physical therapists and staff kept me on track and promoted my best efforts. Exercises were appropriate and challenging. Equipment was always available and it was a very happy atmosphere which contributed to my desire to work on my program and not only achieve but surpass my goals. My surgeon and I are very pleased.

Christine G., Murrysville

Marielle and staff were exceptional people both professionally and personally. I will definitely refer friends to ESSMC.

Gail O., Delmont

Quite pleased with the staff and with my progress. All of my questions and concerns were answered. Would highly recommend to all. Thanks for making me feel “whole” again.

Pam S. Harrison City

Marielle and her staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. My therapy sessions enabled me to recover at a more rapid pace than I expected. Thank you.

Anthony G., Murrysville

I felt like I was at “home” with ESSMC.

Gene L., Murrysville-

I have had PT at several different facilities in my lifetime. ESSMC has been awesome for me. Marielle and the assistants are terrific.

Jeanne F., Plum

ESSMC helped me get back to pounding the pavement quickly! I was very eager post-surgery to start running again and this was only possible under the direction of the PTs and access to the Alter-G treadmill. I was “running” as of 4 weeks post-op and was able to safely increase speed and time spent running, reaching a full recovery within 12 weeks. The staff was always so accommodating and supportive! I would highly recommend any runner or athlete recovering from injury to check out the Alter-G. It’s a game changer in my recovery!

Amanda W., Levelgreen, Marathoner

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