ESSMC is your resource for all your rehabilitative needs. Physical therapy is provided for non-surgical and post-surgical conditions. Non-surgical conditions include post-fracture care, tendinitis/bursitis, sprains/strains to ligaments, joints or muscles, and injuries to the neck and back. Post-surgical conditions include (but are not limited to) rotator cuff repairs, total joint replacements, ligament reconstructions and spinal surgery.

Occupational Therapy is provided primarily for injuries affecting the upper extremities and care focuses on restoring function for activities of daily living.

Our Athletic Training services focus on caring for the school-age athlete at the Plum, Gateway and Franklin Regional school districts. We also provide coverage on a contract basis for other organized sporting events such as volleyball tournaments, tennis clinics, football and lacrosse camps and many more.

Have you heard of Direct Access?

ESSMC Direct Access means you can directly access the services of a physical therapist before seeing a physician. Click here to learn more 

Treatment for all post-surgical and non-surgical conditions to restore range of motion and strength, alleviate pain and get you “back in the game!”

On-field management of athletic injuries. Services provided to the athletes of the Plum, Gateway and Franklin Regional School Districts.

Treatment focusing on restoring activities of daily living primarily involving the upper extremities

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Vestibular rehabilitation involves a variety of physical therapy treatments targeting the vestibular system.